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Primer for New Concrete

WGC Technical Sheet
WGC Installation Instructions

Before the WGC Primer formula was created, any type of painting on new concrete must wait at least 30 days or moisture to dissipate enough for paint to adhere. This is because excess moisture and alkalinity in fresh concrete can cause bubbling and delamination.

You can apply WGC  as soon as concrete has cured enough that it can withstand foot traffic, usually in the next day. WGC Primer penetrates into the concrete and strengthens it to provide a barrier for outgassing.


  • Excellent pot life - 35 minutes @ 70ºF/21ºC

  • Can be applied in thick films of up to 20 mm

  • Outstanding adhesion: 350 psi on new concrete and 800 psi on dry concrete

  • Protects against deterioration of reinforcing steel caused by ingress of chlorine, acids, and other corrosive agents


  • In all time sensitive construction and renovations with new concrete

  • Concrete applications in humid climates

  • As a primer for use with various types of topcoats

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