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Safe Traveling
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COMBATISOL - TRAVELLER is a long-lasting proprietary anti-microbial coating that can last for several hours with one simple application.  In many cases, our in-house testing resulted in efficacy lasting many days.  Easy spray application.  This coating has been engineered to be protected with the world's leading anti-microbial.  



  • PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION.  Seats, tray backs, arm rests in aircraft, subways, trains, buses.

  • AUTOMOTIVE.  Seats, handles, steering wheels.

  • ELECTRONICS.  Keyboards, cell phones, microphones.

  • RESTAURANTS.  Tables, chairs, dinner ware, table cloths, cloth napkins.

  • CAFE & BARS.  Countertops, billiard sticks, darts.  

  • Anywhere and everywhere.



  • Non-toxic and no VOC.  

  • Keeps the treated surface coating free of pathogens for long periods.

  • One application can last for hours.  Surfaces with minimal abrasion can last for days or months.

  • Application will be tackfree in as little as 3 minutes and fully cured in 5 minutes.

  • Proprietary coating contains anti-microbials that continue to kill pathogens while the coating remains on the surface.

  • Our anti-microbial does not give rise to resistant strains of pathogens such as MRSA.



  • Our proprietary coating is a micro coating that can be applied to many surfaces including metals, plastics, ceramics and even fabrics.

  • Non-toxic and no VOC.

  • Dries in 5 minutes in optimal conditions.

  • Waterbased, non-flammable.

  • One simple coating can last for hours.



  • Non-toxic and no VOC.

  • Does not give rise to resistant strain of pathogens such as MRSA.  



  • Do not apply a thick coat.  A thick coat is not necessary for efficacy.

  • Hold at a distance of 10 to 12 inches.

  • Spray a fine mist.


Technical Data Sheet

Traveller - Flyer

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