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Mission Statement

Founded in 2018, AYP Nano Solutions is the culmination of over 100 years of industry experience from a team of international R&D, Marketing, Finance, and Sales professionals. With operations based in the continental U.S., Latin America, and Asia (and rapid expansion into Europe, Africa, the middle east, and the ASEAN region imminent), we pride ourselves on applying the latest innovations in nanotechnology to help solve your problems at the lowest possible cost.

Meet The Team


Keiichi Inaba,

CEO, Asia

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I was born and raised in Japan.  After graduating from university in the USA I extended my stay for postgraduate studies.  This experience led to a fluency in both Japanese and English.


I have held a variety of positions including CEO and several other C-level positions.  My job duties included overall management, sales and marketing, M&A, and technical proficiency in complex financial instruments.  My experience has included tenures with Deutsche Group, Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette, NDC Investments, Lehman Brothers, Concord International Investments, among others.


My most satisfying moments were when I was able to solve problems that my clients encountered.  Over the years, I have been able to develop a network with many corporations in Japan and other countries in Asia. With AYP, I have the opportunity to utilize this asset by providing them with solutions for unsolved business problems.  

Furthermore, the decreasing population in Japan makes it excruciatingly difficult to grow sales.  Give us a call. I, along with my AYP colleagues, can make a difference for you.


Paul Yaka,
Chairman of the Board

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I was born and raised on U.S. military bases in Japan and as such am fluent in English and Japanese.  With my BA, MBA and CPA credentials, I have held the positions of CEO and CFO.  Some of my many job responsibilities have included M&A, international tax planning, financial consulting, sales and marketing director, and chemical products formulation.

At my comparatively late age of 70, I feel that I am doing my best work.  I have succeeded in assembling a group of highly skilled persons who are leaders in their respective disciplines.  And most of all, each one of them is an upstanding citizen who is sensitive and caring of others. The goal of our new entity, AYP Nano Solutions, is to provide solutions to unsolved business problems.

Executive Bio


Jonah M. Klein,


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Mr. Klein has been an invaluable member of the leadership of AYP Nano Solutions.  His vast experience and continual thirst for knowledge is enhanced by his ability to assess, understand and develop solutions.  


His passion for helping those in need is displayed almost daily.  He loves what he does, and he is one of the best at providing solutions.  Mr. Klein is a SOLUTIONIST. 

Mr Klein has over 2 decades of expertise and has held executive positions worldwide. Click on his full executive biography for a complete understanding his impressive credentials.

Executive Bio

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