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Paint Stripper Resistant Paint

RPS Technical Sheet
RPS Installation Instructions

The objective of paint strippers is to melt and remove old paint - so, logically, there cannot be a paint that resists paint strippers. That is until AYP's formulation of RPS.


Engineered for aircraft hangars, our groundbreaking solution can protect your concrete floors from corrosive agents within 72 hours, minimizing downtime and labor cost. The conventional way of melting old paint off aircraft before painting severely damages concrete floors and bases, and are costly in the long run to repair on a continuous basis. RPS solves that problem to make sure you get the most out of your floors.


  • Extreme Pot Life: 72 hours @ 70ºF/21ºC

  • Exceptional Toughness: Mar resistant film with hardness of Pencil 6H+.

  • High heat resistance: 446ºF/230ºC @ 45 PSI for one second, fact-to-face.

  • Flexible and will not crack nor lose adhesion when applied to thin film surfaces like Mylar

  • Resistant to: MEK, acetone, IPA, staining, and hot tire marks

  • Resistant to: gasoline, motor oils, anti-freeze, brake fluid, and alkaline cleaners

  • No hazardous ingredients: just a small amount of IPA and acetic acid


  • Concrete aircraft hangar floors

  • Any concrete surface exposed to paint strippers or other corrosive agents

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