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Oily Concrete + Quarry Tile +FRP Panel Primer

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Before AYP, solutions for oily concrete + damaged quarry tile + FRP Panels were defined by costly removal, expensive grinding with diamonds, or caustic chemicals.


Our Nano primer is applied directly over these difficult substrates with no prep. It is a revolutionary, 2 component, 100% solids, high performance epoxy based primer.  This means that the costly and time intensive removal and grinding of conventional repair is completely avoided. With the use of one of our strongest topcoats, a water-proof finish can be achieved as quickly as overnight.


  • Minimal surface preparation: sweep and pick up dry particulates and cleanse surface with mild detergent

  • Incredible strength: tile will break before loss of adhesion occurs

  • Tack free/ready for topcoat in 6 hours

  • Simple roller application


  • Quarry tile floors, particularly in kitchens

  • Any difficult to bond floor substrate like FRP

  • Oily Concrete Floors - Parking Lots, Garages, Warehouses, Hangars

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