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Pulyurea Roof Membrane

PUR forms an impenetrable barrier that is resistant to chemicals, sewage, and water. It is a 2-component, rapid set, high performance polyurea elastomer coating.  It is formulated to be extremely tough with hydrolytic stability and low permeability. PUR MEMBRANE was designed to reduce costs and provide the best possible results. Compared to lower quality conventional methods, AYP can offer 50% more savings and a superior repair.


  • No interruption to business for installation

  • Dries tack-free in 10-90 seconds (weather/condition dependent)

  • 400% elongation - handles expansion and contraction comfortably

  • Reflects over 80% of UV rays to reduce cooling costs

  • Does not melt snow - increased insulation value

  • Labor time/cost - 50% less than  conventional methods

  • USDA/FDA compliant for food handling facilities

  • Chemically resistant

  • Highly impact and abrasion resistant


  • Concrete/Steel roofing repair

  • Most roof types

  • Surfaces requiring waterproofing including chemical storage and containment areas

  • Most rigid substrates

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