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Polyurea Clear Topcoat

PUC TOPCOAT forms an impenetrable barrier that is resistant to chemicals, sewage, and water. It is a 2-component, rapid set, high performance polyurea elastomer coating.  PUC is formulated to be extremely tough with hydrolytic stability and low permeability. PUC TOPCOAT complies with USDA requirements for incidental food contact and can be used with any AYP system.


  • 25 minute pot life

  • Ready for light traffic in 1.5 hours

  • Flexible enough to move with any floor, but strong enough for heavy traffic

  • Designed specifically to work with all AYP base coats and primer systems


  • Industrial and commercial flooring

  • As a protective topcoat for AYP base/primer coats

  • Lining and waterproofing in civil, commercial, and industrial applications

  • Most rigid substrates that need protection/waterproofing

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