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Antibacterial and Mold Biocidic Spray


MB is our innovative, non-toxic, water-based biocidic spray for all surfaces to ensure you and your loved ones are protected. It adheres firmly to all surfaces and creates a invisible film that only needs re-application every 3 months. In contrast, conventional biocide washes down the drain after one use.


AYP’ s revolutionary  biocide formulation penetrates the outer membrane of the pathogen cell, leaving it unable to function nor reproduce. Our method prevents the formation of resistant bacteria, since it keeps the pathogen alive but nonfunctional.


  • One application prevents mold for over 3 months

  • Adheres firmly to ceramics, floors, plastics, wood, and even fabrics

  • Non-toxic - will not create resistant pathogens.  

  • Dries in 10 minutes

  • Kills 219 different types of mold.

  • Kills 178 types of harmful bacteria and algae, including listeria, E.Coli and resistant MRSA.


  • Bathtubs and all bathroom surfaces, especially grout lines

  • All Kitchens

  • Areas of high human traffic - waiting rooms, meeting rooms

  • All hospital surfaces and equipment

  • Keyboards and neckties of healthcare professionals - the dirtiest items in a hospital

  • Any surface exposed to constant warm temperatures and moisture

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