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High Heat Primer & Topcoat System for Concrete Surfaces

Current products in the market cannot protect concrete floors and walls near commercial ovens and grilles. They are unable to withstand heat and deteriorate quickly to the point that the paint delamination. AYP solves this problem with our one-of-a-kind HH solution.


Our two-part system ensures work can be done overnight. HH Primer is an air-dry, 1-component liquid primer with moderate filling properties to be used over concrete floors.  It is followed by our topcoat, a 2-component modified epoxy coating. Both parts are tack-free in 2 hours and ready for work the following day.


  • Overnight work - no interruptions or downtime to your business

  • Withstands temperatures to 400ºF/205ºC (350ºF/175ºC continuous).

  • No Delamination when exposed to thermal cycles

  • Tack-Free in 2 Hours


  • For high heat areas in commercial kitchens near ovens and grilles  

  • For high heat areas in food processing facilities

  • For concrete floors and walls near other high heat areas up to 400ºF/205ºC

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