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Direct To Rust Primer

Applied directly over rusted surfaces DTR is a 2-part, revolutionary, 100% solids, high performance coating solution formulated to be the industry leader.  It has the world’s strongest adhesion and film coating to repair rust damage and prevents the formation of new rust.  No rigorous surface preparation is required and DTR PRIMER can be used on nearly any surface or location with our topcoats.


  • Minimal surface preparation: just remove loose rust with a wire brush

  • Completely stops formation of new rust for at least 10 years

  • Simple application (roller or brush)

  • No experience needed (applicator friendly)


  • Any rusted surface

  • Oil storage tanks

  • Electric transmission towers

  • Steel roofs

  • Ships and other maritime facilities

  • Service vehicles

  • Staircases, parking garages, and difficult to replace steel structures

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