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Primer for Wet Concrete

Wet concrete and coatings don’t mix well and cause bubbling and delamination. Before AYP created the DTM formula, concrete had to be completely dry before painting, which can be near impossible in some climates or time-sensitive situations. DTM penetrates into the concrete and strengthens it to provide a barrier for outgassing, providing an exceptional solution to a constant issue our end users face.

DTM Primer can be applied directly over moist concrete and in high humidity conditions to proceed with your work in spite of the elements.  


  • Excellent pot life - 35 minutes @ 70ºF/21ºC

  • Can be applied in thick films of up to 20 mm

  • Protects against deterioration of reinforcing steel caused by ingress of chlorine, acids, and other corrosive agents. 

  • Powerful adhesion: 350 psi on damp concrete and 800 psi on dry concrete.


  • All moist/wet concrete floors

  • Work that needs to be done on rainy days/high humidity climates

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