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Most companies talk about social responsibility and environmental programs, but we are of the rare few that began with those philosophies at our core.  It is no longer enough for a company to seek an environmental component to its business.  If our way of life is to continue, all businesses must make responsibility central to their governing tenants. 


Since AYP was just a concept, the forefront of our working ambition has been to provide products that repair and maintain existing infrastructure installations, prolonging their functional lifespan and thereby preventing the additional use of resources that would be required to rebuild those structures.  Our products help minimize the use of new concrete or steel and keep additional materials out of landfills.  Additionally, many of our products are made from naturally occurring and agriculturally sourced stock eliminating the need for petrochemicals and caustic wastes.  

None of our lofty ambitions would be useful if the products were too expensive to use.  We have avoided that by specifically focusing on total cost to install, or TCI.  AYP products have been designed such that TCI will be significantly lower in every application. TCI is factored in to every solution we create so the choice to be environmentally friendly is not one our customers have to bear.

In simple terms, AYP's solutions are always the lowest cost and a net benefit to our shared environment.  This is our commitment to ourselves and to you.

Our Commitment

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